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Targeting Spelling Strategies

...the second time around

The book for those who are working to regain lost spelling skills


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  • hardcover ring binders

  • 225 pages

  • 6 Strategy Tools

  • index of illustrated vocabulary

  • $50


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Target Population

  • Adolescents and adults

  • Use from 4th grade and above

  • Those with emerging spelling up to those with mildly-impaired spelling

  • Those with naming or word retrieval difficulties

Features of Targeting Spelling Strategies

  • Easy-to-read bold print with clear recognizable pictures

  • Picture-based book enhances spelling skills from fill-in-the-blank to whole word spelling

    • Partial spellings of words, five to ten pictures on a page

    • From one to three letters missing in a word

    • From three to fifteen choices to fill in the blank

    • Do-it-yourself pre-test section with pictures only

  • Unique strategy tools (6) make it adaptable for all levels of spellers by adding a variety of cues

    • Letter choices

    • Written alphabet tiles in upper and lower case

    • Visual guide to cover up or change choices

  • Wide-ranging vocabulary of more than 1300 words

  • Very versatile - each page can be modified each time you use it

  • The book progresses in difficulty

  • Answer Key with list of vocabulary is included

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